写真 永瀬 久嗣(Hisashi Nagase)
ライフアドバイザー (Life Adviser)
コスモナイン代表 (Representative, Cosmo Nine)

慶応義塾大学卒業。米国でMBA取得後、幅広く国際ビジネスに携わる傍ら、世界五大伝統風水マスターの一人ジョセフ・ユー老師に師事するなど、古今東西の運命学やスピリチュアリティの研究をすすめる。 現在は、個人や企業家へのアドバイスを行なうとともに、各種スピリチュアルコンテンツの企画制作や執筆活動に従事する傍ら、複数のベンチャービジネスを運営している。

M.B.A. in International Business, Thunderbird School of Global Management(USA)
B.A. in Politics, Keio University(Tokyo)

While having been engaged with various types of international business operations including the MD of a US venture firm, Hisashi has eagerly studied metaphysics such as feng shui. He obtained a Higher Diploma of feng shui from Master Joseph Yu who is recognized as one of the top five classical feng shui masters. Hisashi is currently involved with promoting spirituality through writing, counselling and other activities. Hisashi is also involved with various types of venture businesses.


Higher Diploma feng shui(F.S.R.C)/Chinese Astrology Professional Degree/Advanced Counselor Mental Phsycology (JADP)/Color Therapist (JADP)/Numelorogy Diploma (S.A.C.)/Reiki Teacher (Human & Trust Research Center), etc..

【過去の活動】- Past Activities
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【その他】- Others


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